Attention Savvy and Overly Taxed Practitioner: If You Pay More Than $250,000 In Taxes Per Year, You Could Be Overpaying The Government.

It should annoy & worry you. . .
Political Armageddon, Obamacare, growing tax rates, personal liability...
401k's to oversee, a greedy and litigious society,
to name a few worry-some issues keeping you up at night,
and threatening the livelihood of not just owners and shareholders, but you too!
The rising tide of risky business recommendations
from your CPA's/Tax Attorney's. . .
Yes, it should ALL aggravate and worry you.

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If you're still using antiquated (and often audited) Captive Ins., Premium Financing, Corporate Inversion, VEBA's, Sec. 79 plans or other strategies du-jour, then this is the right place for you...

I wake up every morning - after meditating - and think that I can't believe how fortunate I am to be able to help Dr's like you. I do not come from a long line of legal experts, authors and attorneys - like I have become. My Father worked in Tool and Die for close to 4 decades. My Mother was a teacher's assistant for a local school district helping handicapped children. I have learned over the years how much she did for the kids. I take a piece of them everywhere I travel and great clients I get to help along the way. Like many parents - they have given me the foundation for who I've become.

Here are a few pertinent benefits with the strategy should you qualify:

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